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ECONOMY REPORT 2011.12.26 (21:30)
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Submitted By: on December 27, 2011
About the Video: 1226 MONDAY1 IMF CHIEF: WORLD ECONOMY IN DANGER2 LONDON TUBE STRIKE ON BOXING DAY3 UKRAINE TO INVEST IRANIAN OIL PROJECTS4 CHINA-JAPAN TIES5 NEWS IN BRIEF-CHINA6 EXPERT ON CHINESE BRANDS7 CHINA'S DECADE WITH WTOComing up...[LAGARDE ON WORLD ECONOMY] IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde warns that the world economy is in a dangerous situation. [CHINA-JAPAN TIES] Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda concludes his two-day official visit to China. During his stay in Beijing, Chinese leaders meet with him on bilateral ties.[CHINA'S DECADE WITH WTO] Today we'll bring you a detailed report on China's first WTO decade.Hello and welcome to Economy Report, I'm OUYANG QI in Beijing.1 STORY:IMF CHIEF: WORLD ECONOMY IN DANGERDATELINE: Dec. 26, 2011LENGTH: 0:00:00LOCATION: PARISPKGINTRO:Head of the International Monetary Fund(IMF) warns that the world economy was in a dangerous situation. We'll show you why she's taken that stance.PKG:In an interview with France's Journ Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency
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